April 18, 2010 | Source: Press Release

Long & Levit exceeds objectives of the “No Glass Ceiling Initiative” of the Bar Association of San Francisco.

By The Bar Association of San Francisco (“BASF”) has long been known for its groundbreaking work to ensure equal opportunities for women and people of color at alllevels of the legal profession. A key part of that effort is BASF’s “No Glass Ceiling Initiative: Breaking the Barriers,” which calls upon firms to meet the following objectives by 2015: (1) 30% women partners; (2) 5% women of color partners; (3) 30% women attorneys on firm management committees.

Long & Levit is proud to announce that it has already achieved these objectives. Long &Levit will continue to foster a firm culture that embraces diversity equal opportunity forall the members of our team.

Practice Area: Commercial Litigation, Design Professionals Defense & Counseling, Employment, Lawyers & Judges Defense Group, Other Professional Liability
Attorney: Jennifer A. Becker, Shane M. Cahill, Kathleen M. Ewins, John Hook (1930 - 2016) , Jessica Rudin MacGregor, David S. McMonigle, Joseph P. McMonigle, Douglas J. Melton, Glen R. Olson, Jonathan R. Rizzardi, Steven Sharafian, John B. Sullivan, Jennifer W. Suzuki, Jeanette E. Traverso

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